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Telefon Numarası0(544) 999 99 99
Adres Abdülezel paşa Cad.Balat Parkı Unkapanı Köprüsü Kadir Has Üniversitesi Önü, Balat, 01234 Fatih/İstanbul
SektörTurizm Firmaları
Mailinfo @ istanbulboatrental.com
Görüntülenme26 Kez Görüntülendi.
WebsiteIstanbul Boat Rental
Eklenme Tarihi08-08-2023
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Founded in 2009 with the aim of creating unforgettable moments on the enchanting waters of Istanbul and exploring the unique beauty of the Bosphorus, our company holds a leading position in the tourist yacht industry. With a 12-person capacity, 18-meter-long modern and comfortable yacht, our company strives to provide unparalleled sea voyages.

Our company embarked on its journey with a vision to nurture and share the love for the sea, offering options such as hourly yacht rentals, private event yacht rentals, and Bosphorus tours to introduce our guests to extraordinary maritime experiences. Whether for a special celebration or to discover the allure of the Bosphorus, our experienced team is ready to cater to any request.

Maintaining equipment and safety standards at the highest level, our priority is to offer our guests a safe and enjoyable maritime journey. We work diligently to ensure every moment spent at sea is flawless and memorable.

Our company's greatest value is you, our esteemed guests. Your satisfaction is our driving force, motivating us at every step and reinforcing our commitment to delivering the best service possible. We are delighted to share our passion for the sea and the inspiration it brings with you.

We invite you to join us in building unforgettable memories and experiencing the freedom of the sea. Prepare for an adventure where you'll immerse yourself in the sea's embrace with our sincere and professional service while discovering the breathtaking views of the Istanbul Bosphorus.

Embark on a new maritime journey with our company, which blends distinctiveness, comfort, and pleasure!

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