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ZEGSEN  Export, Import, Consulting, Expertise

Founded in 2012 in Denizli, Zegsen Company is an e-commerce and digital marketing company that provides affordable consultancy, expertise solutions, and commercial cooperation for international business companies that want to export and import to Turkey.

We cooperate with our companies on an educational, consulting, or commercial basis. We make all our transactions under contract within the plan and project.

In addition to expert solutions, export training, and consulting services, we export Turkish home textiles, home decor art, and natural foods products that we supply from manufacturers in Denizli to about 40 countries. In addition, we bring imported electronic goods and machinery from China and America to the domestic market of Turkey.

We are currently providing online and one-to-one services with our team in America, China, UAE, Canada, UK, Switzerland, France, Sweden, and our head office in Turkey.


01 - In Turkey product market research

Do you want to import or export any products from Turkey? We can do a market analysis and evaluation of the products you want for you. We are sure that we will find the most suitable, reliable, high-quality, and continuous company or product for your demand.



02 - In Turkey expertise solutions

You found a supplier in Turkey and want to get to know the company and have the product you bought checked until it reaches you?

We can do your paperwork, customs, shipping, company and product check, and tracking for you. Please contact us.

03 - Trade with our products

Do you want to buy and sell profitable and high-quality Turkish products right away if you don't want consulting and expertise?

We have a client portfolio that has been accumulating for many years. We are a manufacturer of Turkish home textile products. Tell us what you want to buy, and what products you want.

Let's supply it and you start selling it and making money. We are sure that you will make profitable sales with the products you will receive from us. We are especially ambitious in the export of textiles, home decor, organic oil, and nuts. All our food and textile products are certified in accordance with ISO standards.

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